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With a background as Managing Director, Environmental Manager and Nordic Sales- and Marketing Manager I provide non-industry specific development and management services.

My customers hire me for conceptualization i.e. brainstorming to come up with a brand to bring a new solution to the market. I also do business development and business planning and prior to that feasibility studies.

If you are considering an international expansion I have experience from work in several countries and a great network of international partner consultants with expertise in different fields. If you want my complete resumé, I am only a phone call away.


I analyse trends, competition, products and target groups and develop new insights and convert them into strategies and actionable plans.


I assist businesses in developing the discrete projects, specific modes of growth, and organizational units, activities, and practices that makes the company grow.


I develop strategies and planning for your product, services, advertising, promotions or sales to reach your desired customer segment.


I initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of the team to achieve the goals on time on budget.